"In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I’d been dreaming off... So I decided to build it myself" – Ferry Porsche

Tradition. Innovation. Design. Functionality. Performance. Exclusivity. What do all these words have in common? Synonyms of Porsche. From vision to reality, Porsche has built its brand over the past 60 years to become the automotive company it is today. Through constant Innovation, Porsche's Design language has been able to bring about Functionality, Performance and more importantly, Exclusivity in its cars. Similarly, Divine Palate aspires to do the same for our clients.

On 23 June, members of the exclusive Porsche Club, Singapore came together for a Wine Master Class conducted by Jon Chan of Wine Language. Starting off the class were the whites. A combination of cheeses - Bra Duro, Valsana Fiore Bufala Truffle and Fiore Sardo, were paired with 2015 EnvyFol Chardonnay (France) and 2015 St Urban Riesling QBA (Germany). The fruity accents of the white wines complemented the creaminess of the cheeses, leaving participants craving for more cheese. Following which, Foie Gras with tarty Fig Jam and Smoked Duck with tangy Mango Salsa was accompanied by 2015 Montes Limited Selection Pinot Noir (Chile) and 2013 Pirramimma Stock's Hill Carbernet Sauvignon (Australia). Every step of the way, Jon provided detailed explanations of what he tasted and how he came about tasting the different accents of the wines.

As the class came to a close, guests were given a choice between USDA Prime Ribeye or Welsh Lamb Rack at the live station, both of which proved to be equally popular. By using a cooking technique called Sous Vide (where the meats were seasoned, vacuum packed and cooked in a water bath of controlled temperature), it ensured that the entire piece of Ribeye and Lamb Rack was equally cooked throughout without drying the meat. Finally, the meats were seared to infuse the different flavours and aromas of the herbs, providing a more piquant taste. Guests were also in for a treat as they were given not one but two choices of sauce for accompaniment - Homemade Black Pepper and Port Wine Sauce. For those who did not take Red Meat, Pan Seared Cod was also served with Tau Sou. For those of you who do not know what Tau Sou is, it is Taiwanese Soya Bean Crumbs. The Tau Sou added crispy accents to the Cod, that complemented the firm yet flaky fish, bringing the dish to the next level. Rounding off the mains were sides of fragrant, silky truffle mash as well as crunchy sautéed vegetables with aromatic garlic that added different textures and flavours to the dish.

Finally, Divine Palate's Signature light and fluffy Tiramisu topped with pistachio crunch rounded off the meal as guests continued to minger and try out the various Porsche Models on display. It sure was a night to remember with good food, good wine, good cars but most importantly, good company.