The search for the next big culinary star.

EAT LIST STAR is a reality cooking TV competition show that is on the hunt for the next batch of exciting new food personalities. Hailing from the Asia-Pacific region, contestants had varying levels of culinary backgrounds. They were not only required to flaunt their abilities in innovating Asian cuisines with a twist but also how well they were able to host their own show.

Fist impressions matter. Even before taking the first bite into the dish, it has already been judged visually, forming an impression of the dish. If the intended audience is intrigued by food, then, the artistic plating has already done its job. Wanting to provide such an experience, Divine Palate was roped in as advisors to work with the 4 finalists on how to give their dishes an elegant finish.

Upon understanding the finalists' dish concepts, Divine Palate's Director, Jolin Koh, sourced for the crockery to help elevate the dishes. Christofle as well as Carlo Moretti, existing partners with Divine Palate, provided the opulent tableware. Combined with Divine Palate's creative flair, clever table arrangements were able to lift the ambience and left an air of sophistication.

The finals, held at 3 different locations, surrounded four themes - Retro, Romantic, Royal and Vintage. Bearing these themes in mind, Jolin and her team were able to carefully match the tableware into the specific themes to suit the dishes presented.

A luxurious property by the sea at Sentosa Cove played host to 2 themes; Retro and Romantic.

Chef Bob Shahziral Salleh had to revolve his food around the Retro theme. Drawing inspiration from colloquial kampongs in the early days of Singapore, the food and table décor very much pivoted on communal living. Old school was the name of the game for Jolin. Colourful and playful enamel mugs gave off an enduring vibe while flamboyant vases and drinking glasses from Carlo Moretti provided a contemporary element to enhance the overall feel. Flowers with vivid colours complemented the tableware well while keeping in line with the theme. Set on teak furniture, the table setting gave off a very timeless, rustic atmosphere.

When it comes to Romantic dinners, Finalist Charlotte Mei de Drouas knew just what to do with her food. Pastel colours were picked to set the tone of the meal. Aquamarine glassware by Carlo Moretti along with intricate detailed Christofle cutlery provided a more amorous ambience. Accompanying the pastel coloured tableware were flower arrangements in various shades of lilac set against the backdrop of the cyan coloured waters of Sentosa Cove, leaving the audience wanting to savour the intimate moment. Very much befitting of the Romantic theme.

Providing the location for the Royal theme was Hotel Jen's Bamboo Garden.

Challenged with the Royal theme, Chef Anupong Nualchawee had his work cut out for him in the food department. While Jolin had her work cut out for her in the table décor department. In line with the exuberant food the Chef was putting out, elaborate Champagne flutes and bold, colourful drinking glasses from Carlo Moretti gave off an air of nobility. Vibrant flatware with complex gold details by Christofle provided the perfect accompaniment to the dishes. The 3-course meal was held in an alfresco dining experience on the rooftop, surrounded by unrivalled views of the different hues of azure sky was certainly becoming of the theme.

Finally, held at the Singapore Wine Vault, Chef Jennifer Angela Lee was tasked with making food with the theme, Vintage.

Vintage and Audrey Hepburn. Two words closely associated by many; her iconic chic black dress and perl necklace were the inspiration behind the table setting. Vintage silverware from Christofle along with Champagne flutes and glassware by Carlo Moretti brought out a distinct tastefulness. To tie in the whole Vintage theme, the magenta flower arrangements with elegant pearl details were used to bring the decorations to the next level.

As the finalists' started to plate up, advice was given on how to plate their food, making it more aesthetically pleasing, while complementing the refined table settings at the same time. The luxurious crockery from Christofle and Carlo Moretti definitely enhanced the visuals of the final dishes, leaving the judges in awe of the pieces of art presented.