An Afternoon for the affluent at Christofle for a Flower Arrangement Workshop

Flower arrangements are crucial in sprucing up the ambience of any occasion. The beauty of any floral arrangement can be enhanced with the right use of vases and flowers. So what makes a good flower arrangement? The balance brought about by the usage of teh flowers as well as having a focal point in the arrangement, shows emphasis to the arrangement.

Partnering with Christofle and A Better Florist, Divine Palate co-organised a flower arrangement workshop held at the Christofle boutique for invited guests only. Attended by affluent women who enjoy the finer things in life, the guests were able to showcase their creativity through their various art forms. Further complementing their work was the exquisite and intricately designed Christofle vases. Quality flowers were specially sourced from all over the world to ensure only the very best were used.

The theme of the workshop was "Simplicity". Going by "more is less", each arrangement was limited to a maximum of 3 different flowers, making it simple for the guests to follow. The ladies were able to exhibit their imaginativeness, and the versatility of the Christofle vases was also showcased throughout the session. The workshop taught the ladies how effortless flower arrangements can be and how easily the ambience of any occasion can be lifted through flower arrangements. The ladies provided a delicate touch to the work and certainly looked best when they were focused!​

Rounding off the workshop was a medley of sweet and savoury Afternoon Tea items prepared by Divine Palate's very own Private Chef. Displayed on opulent tableware by Christofle further complemented by the guests very own flower arrangements, it certainly gave an elegant touch to the food. Served was the Marinated Crab with crisp Waffle Basket, Cream Mushroom Mentaiko Vol-au-vent which is bound to whet anyone's palate with the decadent mushroom filling and crumbly puff pastry. The slightly seared Tuna Tataki also added a certain flair of elegance. Along with Divine Palate's signature umami flavours from the aromatic Truffle Angel Hair Pasta and balanced Smoked Salmon with Dill Cream finished off the savoury dishes.

A trio of assorted French Pastries made up the sweet dishes. The tangy Lemon Meringue Tart was well balanced as the sourness from the lemon curd was cut by the sweet meringue. Made with rich Chocolate Ganache, the Chocolate Tart was bound to make any sweet tooth drool. The last of the trio was the Fruit Tart.

Completing the Afternoon Tea was a variety of drinks. Flamboyant Champagne Flutes from Christofle gave the Pierre-Jouet an air of sophistication, certainly befitting of the dignified occasion. Being a more casual drink, the homemade Sangria seemed to liven the mood of the event. For those who did not take alcohol, artisanal teas and coffee was also provided.

The merriment of beautiful company, alcohol as well as decorous tableware from Christofle certainly allowed the ladies to enjoy their time together, learning more about flower arrangements in the process.