have a seat at a garden-themed corporate soiree with wilkhahn.

When high end German furniture designer Wilkhahn needed to throw a private dinner at its office, it came to Divine Palate for inspiration. Divine Palate director Jolin proposed a garden theme, including table decorations and a menu to match. She transformed the space into an elegant dining venue, one cleverly featuring the ergonomic chairs the company is famous for.

With the garden theme, each of the dishes was anchored by a garden herb like basil or thyme. The team worked hard prepping the materials and assembling the dishes on the spot. The evening started with Squid Ink Crackers with a Spicy Chili Dip which featured "Lime and Garlic", Sundried Tomatoes Focaccia with Bacon Butter had "Basil" as one of its herbs. The appetiser of Herbs Infused Quail Eg had "Coriander" Sponge and was accompanied by Marinated Crab with Tomato Waffle Basket.

"Thyme" played a part in the French Onion Soup served with a crispy and delicate Gruyère Tuile. The risotto course took people by surprise. The addition of "Lemon Balm" perked up the rich and creamy rice with a citrusy tang, while asparagus provided texture. The final sprinkle of basil added a pleasant herbal note.

"Rosemary" was the key in both main courses - The 48 Hour Sous Vide Beef Cheek came with an extremely smooth Truffle Mash, while the Chilean Sea Bass with Lemon Butter Sauce had a sweetish Pumpkin Purée to go with it.

Dessert featured "Mint" as a highlight. The Deconstructed Chocolate Mint Cake also had a dollop of minty ice cream as contrast to the warm cake.

One guest required gluten-free and dairy-food, and Divine Palate's private chef was able to cater specifically to those dietary requirements. It was an evening of merriment with ample wine and conversation flowing.