Commemorating the launch of their new amplifier, Divine Palate was roped in to provide private catering services.

Calling all audiophiles! Ever found yourself wanting a hifi system that can provide a holistic sound? A system where you will never have to worry about cable management? Meet Devialet's Phantom - a wireless sound system bound to impress many. Integrating revolutionary technologies, the Phantom is able to process and emit an ultra-dense sound with physical impact to create a uniquely powerful, incredibly distinct sound with no distortion. Being a 100% wireless product, Phantom will replace your stereo system, docks, speakers, home-cinema and even your speakers, making it the only thing you'll ever need. With its capabilities to connect to other Phantoms, it can create a multi room system making the Phantom the best sound system in the world. To commemorate the launch of the system, Divine Palate was roped in to provide private catering services.

With the help of a private chef, a series of canapé dishes were served. Tantalising palates were the Sourplum Tomatoes with Mozzarella balls. The juicy and tender tomatoes provided sweet and tangy accents that complemented the rich cheese well. A bite of this dish certainly whets the appetite of many.

Also served was Smoked Salmon with Dill Crème Fraiche Bellini. The mild and warm flavours from the dill provided a subtle yet refreshing lift to the otherwise heavier Crème Fraiche. Paired with the Smoked Salmon, the salty and sour combination definitely left many wanting more.

The merriment of food and sound was made complete with Divine Palate's signature Truffled Angel Hair pasta with Kombu and Sakura Ebi. Participants were able to relish in the aromatic smell of truffle oil in addition to the umami flavours of Kombu and crunchy Ebi as well as the amazing sound quality of the Devialet sound system.

What is a canapé event without a sweet dish? Divine Palate's chocolate tarts are made in house by our very own Private Chef. Just like Devialet's Phantom, the buttery pastry paired with the rich and luxurious chocolate ganache was certainly a sight to behold!

The gaieties of the event would certainly not have been complete without either the delectable food or stupefying music quality. Just like how Devialet has revolutionised the sound industry, Divine Palate too hopes to transform the Private Catering scene in Singapore.